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Nova Scotia Vacation Cottage Rental
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MacPherson House


MacPherson House, Pictou Landing, Nova Scotia

Beauty, Tranquility & History at the MacPherson House overlooking Northumberland Strait -As featured in Saltscapes magazine the MacPherson House built by a Scottish sea captain in 1722 is open and sunny and sits on two country acres overlooking the harbour of historical Pictou. It is conveniently located between the town of New Glasgow and the beautiful Melmerby Beach.


Nova Scotia Cottage Rentals

At Sea Scotia Vacation Rentals we want you to have the Nova Scotia Vacation of a lifetime. We have some of the finest Nova Scotia Cottages and Nova Scotia Vacation rentals.  Whether you're looking for peace and relaxation in a cottage by the ocean, or an opportunity to explore the great outdoors - Nova Scotia !  We provide quality oceanfront, beachfront and riverfront cottages, worry-free stays and personalized service to ensure your vacation in Nova Scotia is everything you wanted and more!

All of our Nova Scotia cottages have beaches either right outside the front door or only a short drive away and lots of local attractions nearby.  Nova Scotia is rich in history and culture.  The area offers many museums, historic sites, art galleries festivals and events to make your stay enjoyable.

Any one of these cottages will make the perfect starting location for your Nova Scotia vacation.  You can easily take a day trip to our capital city of Halifax and explore the waterfront with its many shops and restaurants and visit famous Peggy's Cove on the way.  Nova Scotia has so much to offer.  If you would like more information on one of our quality cottages in Nova Scotia please contact us.  We hope you enjoy this and many more Nova Scotia vacations.


Vacation Rental: The Newest Trends for a Comfortable Trip

Vacation Rental: The Newest Trends for a Comfortable Trip

Staying in a hotel can be great if you are going on a business trip or going somewhere for one or two nights, but when you are going on vacation, a hotel just doesnít cut it some of the time.

When you are going on vacation with your family, you know that it is a really expensive part of your budget. Wherever you go, you know that the cost of hotels and three meals a day in restaurants can really add up. There is a better way to go on vacation; instead of a hotel, get a vacation rental.

What exactly is a vacation rental? Basically, you stay at a vacation house in a great location, such as southwest Florida. One of the advantages of booking a vacation rental instead of a hotel is that you will have a kitchen to cook your meals at. This is great especially if you have picky eaters or a special diet. Another reason having access to a kitchen on vacation is good is because you can save a lot of money. Even if you only eat your breakfast and lunch at home, you will save hundreds of dollars over a week.

A second advantage to staying in a vacation rental while on holiday is that the area of the house is a lot bigger than a hotel room. If you only have one child, then perhaps you could get away with staying in a hotel room, but if you have more than one, it is difficult for any family to stay in such close quarters for a whole week without stepping on each otherís toes. With a vacation rental, you can have separate rooms for the kids and keep some of your sanity (and privacy).

Vacation rentals are getting more and more popular with travelers, because they are really easy to find and to book. A lot of homeowners and real estate agencies advertise vacation homes for rent. When you compare the prices with a hotel room, you will find a lot of them are really competitive, especially when you compare the price of multiple hotel rooms if you need more than one room for you and your children.

When choosing a vacation rental, you can choose amenities that are really luxurious. Depending on the location, a lot of these houses have in-ground pools or Jacuzzis for the whole family to enjoy. You can also choose a location that is important to you. For example, if you want a house that is within walking distance to the water, you can easily find one.

By having a vacation home, never again will you be approached at a hotel by salesmen selling time share deeds, get stuck at a hotel with hundreds of Lenox china collectors during their convention or get cornered by a lonely traveling wine making supply salesman in the elevator of your hotel. You will be away from hotels and be in the comfort of your own vacation rental.

About the Author

Casandra Tian is an American born writer, graduated from University of Illinois, and currently living in Xinjiang, China. She's a frequent contributor to the following blogs: Travel Reward Credit Cards, International Travel Medical Insurance, Orlando Vacation Home Rental.


Traveling In, And To, Nova Scotia

Traveling In, And To, Nova Scotia

By Vincent Lovejoy

Canada is so diverse that the journey is really the destination. Exploring the countryside will afford you stunning vistas and life changing experiences. The sheer magnitude and majesty of the setting is something you will never forget. This expansive country is dotted with luxurious timeshares to help you get around without hassle. Exchange programs make it easy to travel across the top of North America and visit all the places you want. Traveling through Canada, an absolute must-see province is Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia is renowned for its intense coast. This coastal drive is, in my opinion, one of the most breathtaking on the planet. While on your excursion in Nova Scotia make sure to spend ample time in Halifax. Halifax is a city right on the water that presents an incredible culture to visitors from all over the world. The feel of the metropolitan area is so different than any other I have ever visited. There is a strong sense of history and community that is evident in all of the city's facets; the food, the museums, the small shops and festivals.

For many people, myself included, Nova Scotia never came to mind when I pondered great destinations for exciting nightlife. Don't be mistaken though; the small town charm that perpetuates through the province is coupled with a strong belief to play as hard as you work. For Nova Scotia, where many of the original settlements were fishing colonies, hard work has been a staple of life since the beginning. When I traveled across Canada I mainly used timeshares for lodging because they suit my lifestyle and vacation needs. They leave me enough time to stop in the places I want and get a real feel for the community. When I fall in love with certain locales - as I did many times in Canada - I try to buy or rent vacation real estate there so I can enjoy it for years to come. Timeshares help me go places when I want to and stay places when I want to go back again and again.

Because timeshares are becoming more popular, finding them is getting easier. Timeshare resales are a rapidly growing sector in vacation real estate ownership. To find the perfect Canadian timeshare resale for you, check out resale websites like for extensive listings. CEO, Jason Tremblay has constructed a reliable and quite helpful place for travelers such as myself to see what is out there for low-cost accommodations. If you think a timeshare may be beneficial for you, this is where I suggest you go. Don't miss out on a Canadian vacation, it's a time you will cherish forever!


The Best Pubs to Visit in Nova Scotia

The Best Pubs to Visit in Nova Scotia

When you choose Nova Scotia for your next travel destination you will find there is many different types of entertainment you can choose to take advantage of during your stay. You will find that Nova Scotia has some of the most romantic settings and package getaways but they also have some amazing pubs which must be visited at least once during your stay. The pubs in Nova Scotia range from the new and exciting to the historic pubs of the good old days. Depending on where you are planning to stay in Nova Scotia makes all the difference when it comes to the different restaurants and atmospheres you can experience during your stay.

As Halifax is one of the most popular Nova Scotia destinations when it comes to entertainment, dining and shopping, it is here where you will find some of the best pubs throughout the province. Your Fatherís Moustache is one of the most popular pubs in downtown Halifax and it happens to be one of the historical pubs as well. Here you can enjoy live music, a unique menu and during their summer months you can experience the once in a lifetime lobster fest. If you are a seafood lover, there is no better seafood in the world better than maritime seafood.

The Lower Deck is another great pub option which is located right on the water front for great views while you are dining. Here you can also take in the live music; however this pub is more of a historical tribute to pubs than anything else. Its architecture and dťcor give the feel of what pubs used to be like and this is a fun atmosphere to experience during your stay in Nova Scotia.

The Victory Arms is an old English-style pub where you can enjoy food, drinks and scenery that is just amazing. The world that has been done on this pub to create the look of an old English pub is an experience that cannot be matched. You can enjoy classic English foods there as well as the more contemporary dishes, whichever you choose as this pub is all about the atmosphere, and the food is up to you.

There are literally dozens more pubs you can choose from in the Halifax area and many of them are the new sports bar types but if you are looking to experience the more secluded and real fisherman pubs than you will need to visit places such as Cape Breton and Lunenburg. These are the old fashion areas of Nova Scotia where you can find romantic sceneries but you can also find the culture of the area. Although there are fewer to choose from in this area, they are more authentic and historically accurate than those in the larger metropolitan areas.

Nova Scotia is becoming more and more a trendy travel destination and the more popular it becomes the more the world is learning about its culture and its history. Simply by visiting one of the country pubs along the coast of Cape Breton you can learn so much about this diverse province.

About the Author

Jennifer Aitken is a successful business writer living in Canada. She sometimes write for the following blogs: Selling Timeshare, Wine Making Supplies, and China Lenox.


Nova Scotia Vacation Rentals

Nova Scotia Vacation Rentals

By Caitlin Moore

The Eastern coast of Nova Scotia tends to be a sight for sore eyes. Not only is it a vast and beautiful network of waterways, quiet roads and fishing villages, but it exudes an atmosphere of utter calm and encourages a slow-paced enjoyment made even more intense thanks to the vast array of vacation rentals sprinkled about. Cottages, houses and beach villas exist in locations all over the world as alternatives to regular hotel accommodations, but they seem to make perfect sense out here in Nova Scotia.

The meandering coastline and plethora of activities make this a prime spot for vacation goers. Families, couples and groups of all kinds find themselves drawn to the idea of spending a few days, or even a few weeks, away from it all. The towns of Nova Scotia, including Halifax and Chester, bring forth opportunities for shopping, dining, culture and people watching, while the serene countryside offers plenty of time for breaking free from the restraints of civilization. In other words, thereís a scene for every mood and an outlet for every whim.

Having the conveniences of an actual home makes all the difference on a vacation, especially when there are a few different personalities coming together. Instead of following a frenzied schedule that allows paths to cross every so often, parents and kids will be living in close quarters while expectations for fun and enjoyment will be running high. Itís okay to admit that this situation could potentially create some tense moments and even a little bickering, thatís why it just makes sense to choose a place with elbow room, loads of amenities, and a location that will allow ideal itineraries to be crafted.

Hiking, rafting, beachcombing, bird watching and museum visiting are a few outdoorsy diversions that will tempt you and yours out and about. Musical performances, seafood dinners, antique shopping and golf are also there to be had, not to mention landmarks like the Lighthouse Route and the incomparable Bay of Fundy.

As everyone comes and goes, either heading out for adventures together or just meeting up for rests and meals, a sense of peaceful coexistence will be in the air. Spacious beach houses mean that sleeping arrangements donít have to cause arguments, and having dining areas, game rooms, patios and yards contribute to the overall feeling of non-claustrophobia. Unless of course this is a romantic getaway with just you and your honey, then having a small and cozy cottage will be all you need.

Some Nova Scotia Vacation Rentals are right on the beach, while others are tucked back from the sea amongst the trees. Some are modern and some are traditional, and all can be checked out ahead of time by viewing pictures online and reading up on the key details.

The experience of choosing a vacation home can actually be enjoyable, as itís picking out the foundation for what is sure to be a fabulous trip. Sort through the offerings and follow your instincts; everyone has their own tastes but thereís bound to be something among the colorful array of properties that will speak to the desires and goals of you and your traveling companions. Start the journey to Nova Scotia with a few mouse clicks, and prepare to be on your way to success.


Visit to learn more about these and other vacation rentals.

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Vacationing in Nova Scotia

Vacationing in Nova Scotia

By Caitlin Moore

Getting away from it all is the goal of any vacation, but there are definitely different levels of ďawayĒ that one can achieve. For those of us who truly like to become lost in a landscape and disappear into a calmer and gentler world, itís best to consider a place like Nova Scotia. The seacoast of Canada has a certain matchless quality that conquers even the worst cases of fatigue and overstress, and after a bit of time here whatís truly important seems to come into sharper focus.

The maritime history as well as the stunning scenery lay a strong foundation for the many towns and regions worth getting to know in Nova Scotia. Special events and various activities serve as the icing on the cake, making a visit here certain to be as full (or as delightfully laid-back) as you desire.

Mild summer weather is perfect for touring the historic sites of Nova Scotia, which include the Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens, Grand-Pre National Historic Site of Canada, Highland Village (the continentís only living history museum for Gaelic culture and language) and ďOld TownĒ Lunenburg, among many others. All are impressive in their dedication to preserving a unique and undeniably charming way of life that once reigned supreme, and the incorporation of the old days with modern ways is quite impressive.

As for the scenery, there are several places to hone in on in order to fully drink in the land and sea from every angle. The Bay of Fundy is the star around here, with its dramatically high tides, vibrant marine life and thrilling rafting and whale-watching opportunities. This geological wonder brings everything into perspective, reminding all onlookers that Mother Nature reigns supreme while welcoming us to enjoy the show. Taste the excellent seafood, do some hiking or rock-hounding, or just take a moment to look out across the vista from a high point - as long as you donít miss this special spot.

Head on down the road to Halifax, the capital of Nova Scotia. Itís filled with buildings from yesterday and today, which creates an exciting tension and a one-of-a-kind allure. Sidewalk cafes, tree-lined paths, museums, boutiques and all types of nighttime entertainment all enhance the cosmopolitan-yet-unpretentious atmosphere. Halifax remains an important port city and should be given some time by anyone who hopes to truly understand the spirit of Nova Scotia.

All good vacations should contain some time on the beach, so squeeze in a day or two to go exploring, swimming, kayaking or whatever it is that floats your boat. Try Cabot Trail for some great views, Bras díOr Lakes Scenic Drive, the Lighthouse Route or Sunrise Trail. All are intoxicatingly beautiful and certainly different than the view youíre used to seeing. Lawrencetown Beach is the spot for surfers, stop into a quaint fishing village for a change of pace, or scour a stretch of shore for the perfect souvenir from the sea.

Between dreaming about all the lakes, forests, cultural events and shopping and dining offerings, it might be easy to forget about lodgings. A good way to handle this detail in Nova Scotia is to rent a vacation home somewhere convenient to the top attractions on your lists. From Annapolis Valley to Liverpool, South Shore to Bridgewater, there are cottages, cabins and beach houses galore. Sink into a special place within this special place and youíre guaranteed to have a most memorable vacation.

Nova Scotia Vacation Rentals are the way to go for folks who like to venture from the beaten path yet still want to be comfortable, happy and well taken care of. Check into one of these amenity-filled places that seem to epitomize all things relaxing and carefree as you start planning your visit to lovely Nova Scotia.


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